Osteopathy provided by Belle Cheng ,DO

Belle Cheng graduated from British College of Osteopathic Medicine (London, U.K.) in 2009, she has a Masters in Osteopathy and Diploma in Naturopathy.  A qualified Osteopath registered with the General Osteopathic Council and the Association of Osteopaths of New Brunswick (member of Canadian Federation of Osteopaths). 

Belle has been practising as a full-time Osteopath in New Brunswick since August 2011, and she is currently working at 360° Health Centre, a multidisciplinary clinic in Moncton.  She specializes in Cranial Osteopathy, a very effective way of treating patients in all stages of their lives, from newborn to elderly.  It required skilled palpation and detailed knowledge to assess and restore balance within and between all the systems of the body; musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurological, cranial and visceral. 

Belle applies a wide spectrum of osteopathic manual, patient centred approach in her treatment to reduce and resolve strains, stress and dysfunction in all area of the body.  Her treatment catering to different individual concerns from chronic aches and pains, sport injuries, paediatrics (osteopathy for children & babies) to antenatal/postnatal mothers (osteopathy for pregnant women & mothers).

Some of the symptoms and conditions that are commonly treated by Osteopaths including:-

Headaches and Migraine Insomnia
Neck and Back Pain Scoliosis
Pelvic Pain Sciatica
Frozen Shoulders Ribcage Pain
Tennis and Golf Elbows Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Hips and Knees Pain Osteoarthritis Joints Pain
TMJ Syndrome Sinus Infection
Digestive disorders Irritable Bowel Syndrome